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Alternatively, you can take the drive to Falls of Glomach. I had the opportunity in May this year to go on a weekend with the Glasgow HF Outdoor Club www.glasgowhf.btck.co.uk and the Falls of Glomach were on the programme as a walk. The walk to the Falls of Glomach is a great day out for the family, but best suited to children over 8 year olds. Falls of Glomach, Scotland. However, you can take the train to Fort William, take the walk to Fort William, Bus Station, take the bus to Allt a' Chruinn, Restaurant, then take the taxi to Falls of Glomach. You begin at the car park at the National Trust for Scotland Morvich countryside centre and follow waterways to Dursduain Wood. The path is rough initially but soon becomes very clear and comes close to the Abhainn Chonaig. The name Glomach means … The name Bealach na Sroine means the pass of the nose - referring to the steep north end of the Munro A Ghlas-bheinn which rises above it. On the far side follow the path up to a forest track and turn right. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips. The Falls of Glomach Path is a 9 km less popular red singletrack trail located near Morvich. Cross a bridge over the burn and continue up the track, which leads eventually to another bridge; cross and follow the old path which climbs beyond; the forestry is now left behind. Really impressive. These walks offer stunning winter walking options for those who want to avoid the peaks and summits of Scotland’s mountains. The falls are one of the highest in Britain, with a drop of 113 m (370 ft). Click for details, Hear pronunciation Press to hear pronunciation. Another track soon joins from the left; after this keep right at yet another fork. The Falls of Glomach are among the highest in the British Isles and include a sheer fall of around 300 feet. Scotland is under national lockdown. The falls are in an area possessing wondrous natural beauty and breathtaking scenery. One of those was the Falls of Glomach. Often referred to as the Hidden Falls they have the highest single drop in the UK. This is a straightforward hillwalk with a good path - easy for Grade 3. The Falls of Glomach may not quite be the highest in Scotland but it would be hard to argue that they are not the most spectacular. Though not the highest, the Falls of Glomach are perhaps the most magnificent waterfalls in Britain, with a single leap of 113 metres (370 feet). This Highland walk takes a mountainous route to the Glomach Falls. The walk also takes you into quite wild country in the heart of the West Highland mountains. This otherwise unremarkable hill holds good memories and deserves to be visited occasionally. There is no direct connection from Mallaig to Falls of Glomach. Some parts were boggy and the climb up to the top of the falls was precipitous in places and required a little scrambling. None to start. Summary:Though not the highest, the Falls of Glomach are perhaps the most magnificent waterfalls in Britain, with a single leap of 113 metres (370 feet). They require a fair walk to reach from any direction; the shortest and more usual route is from Strath Croe but the approach up Glen Elchaig is a far finer walk, though much care is needed on the approach to the falls. Please maintain social distancing - keep at least 2 metres away from other walkers. … At the head of the valley the path climbs out and crosses the bare bealach or pass with good views. You get a super view of the full 100 metre fall of this waterfall. ... Also known as "The Gloomy Falls" or "The Forbidding Falls", they can be reached on a 2.5-mile walk from the village of Dorusduain, close to Loch Duich in Ross-shire The scramble down the gorge (past the danger signs) is only for those with robust footwear and sense on rocks! The falls border Kintail, donated to the National Trust for Scotland in 1944 and subsequently incorporating West Affric in 1993. The falls are at the end of a 2.5 mile (approximate) moderate … A scenic walk to a really spectacular waterfall and views. Yes, these falls are a sight to behold, but it's the long 12,2 km (6 hours!) It does cross a hill pass however in remote countryside and should not be attempted without hillwalking skills. Though not the highest, the Falls of Glomach are perhaps the most spectacular waterfalls in Britain, falling in a single leap of 113 m (370 ft). Terrain Does your firm want to sponsor this route. Overview. The Falls of Glomach (Glomach means gloomy) are 375 feet high and as such are the highest falls in the country. Walk to it is well defined hillwalking paths which can get wet and muddy in our. Citilink buses from Glasgow and Inverness stop at Allt a'chruinn, 2km from Morvich. From the Kintail Countryside Centre in Morvich, follow the narrow surfaced road east, along the edge of a campsite. using a map and compass. Morvich. That said, I knew where the Falls of Glomach was as I could hear it from further downstream, and I knew the trail would take me to the top o… The falls themselves are cloaked by the intersecting spurs of the hillside, but you see enough to get giddy and an idea of the drop - saying which, take care! At about 20 minutes from the apex of the elevation gain, the trail then descended steeply as it entered the next valley cut forth by the Allt a’Ghlomaich. It's a relatively quick and easy walk in so perfect for a beginner and the reward is the magnificent waterfall. As well as reading our description of each walking route, you can read about the experiences of others users on this walk and others.There are 2 user reports for this walk - click to read them. The Falls of Glomach, in Ross-shire, Scotland, is one of the tallest waterfalls in Britain, with a drop of 113 m (370 ft).. This stream turned out to be the one responsible for the Falls of Glomach. Labels: Kintail, Scotland. 51 ft. Grade … Walks The final descent is quite quick followed by a 5 mile level walk into the setting sun...returning to the second car by 21:00. The Glomach Falls were stunning – huge with a torrent running over. 1,091 ft. Altitude end. The Falls of Glomach are perhaps the most magnificent waterfalls in Britain, with a single leap of 113 metres (370 feet). To return to Strath Croe, simply retrace your steps. The precarious path to the Falls of Glomach It is a breathtaking walk to the Falls of Glomach I was now following Alt a Ghlomach upstream on a south course into a narrow gorge and soon I was forced around the west edge of the gorge. Date of experience: July 2017. Falls of Glomach is a 12.1 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Kyle, Highland, Scotland that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. Please let us know by clicking here. It is possible to descend an awkward and precipitous path down to Glen Elchaig, but this is best left for the most experienced and confident. This multi-use trail can be used both directions.

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