how to adjust caster angle

If the angle of your axle is out of wack from a leveling kit then you have a problem. It gave my axle (4" Drop Bell) an un acceptable caster angle. Something just don't sound right about that. To check the caster angle, you must first turn the wheel to the right until it is lined up exactly with your 20º mark. Camber is the inward or outward lean of the tire from vertical, while toe is the inward or outward orientation of … You shouldn't need to shim it for just a leveling kit. Now,for adjusting the caster angle several methods are available. Vehicles with SLA suspensions use the upper and lower ball joints to create the angle, and those with struts use the center of the upper strut mount and the lower ball joint as the angle. Caster angles are generally used to improve a vehicle’s steering balance and front-end cornering stability. Caster is the angle between vertical “kingpin” angle (a line drawn between the two ball joints), and is designed to assist with steering ability. I have been doing some suspension work and at some point will take it to alignment shop. To use the tool, you first adjust the pegs to suit your wheel diameter. No - caster is not adjustable on a stock set-up. CASTER DEFINEDCaster is a design condition that, in addition to the spindle kingpin angle, serves to cause a wheel to want to track straight ahead.A … My wheels are 16” so the upper peg was moved to the second to the last hole towards the top. Well with the tabs I had tacked to the bottom of my frame, and the rod ends in the tapered holes. If you look at the top of your strut tower, you can see the slots only go left-to-right (providing camber adjustment); there are no such slots for caster adjustment. Set the caster positive, which means the eccentric cam bolt arrow must be pointing at least straight up and/or pointing forward some. Camber. 1. That being said, changing this angle is generally more mechanically intensive, as it will require changing out the hard parts that make up your suspension. Thought I would share this little tool I made this weekend to help set my caster degree angle on my model A I Beam axle. Caster also … Caster really isnt that big of a deal so you're not going to mess anything up by testing different settings. An improper caster angle can make flat towing dangerous and coming out of sharp corners exciting due to the wheel not coming back to center. Wheel Alignment: Caster Angle. So to start this off I installed my split bones, rod ends and tabs. Sent from Free App You'll just find that it will tend to pull in the direction of the side with the more positive caster. Sadly, you will have to spend $$ to get caster/camber plates. See Adjusting Jeep CJ Caster. Use your straight edge to be sure. * Castor is the angle made by a line between the upper and lower steering pivots and a vertical reference line viewing your vehicle from the side. In the mean time I made some alignment bars and checked toe with tape measure and camber with digital angle meter by placing it on the rotor. Remember, adjusting your caster angle will adjust the camber too, so make sure to readjust the camber angle afterward. For caster checking by placing the digital angle … Caster is the forward or backward tilt of the steering axis viewed from the side of the vehicle. Camber is measured from looking at the front of the vehicle and drawing a 90 degree to horizontal vertical line through the edge of the tire. Making any changes beyond a few degrees would require a significant overhaul of your suspension system , and this isn’t a common way to alter your vehicle, so you’ll likely end up needing some aftermarket parts. Caster is the roll of the axle in comparison to your steering axis basically.

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